You can improve your fitness performance without becoming a sports expert

We're building a new self-learning training program for cyclists and runners. Nascent will give you personalised recommendations that will increase your fitness and help you to achieve your goals.

Download our free app and become one of the first to test the future of fitness technology.

How it works

Complete three short tests, only 3, 7 and 12 minutes long

You can exercise using the apps and hardware you love

Nascent will get to know your exercise habits and fitness level

You'll be the first to receive a proactive training plan that adapts to your performance

A reliable way to measure your fitness

  • No other product uses time and distance to produce a reliable fitness assessment. We’re working with leading sport scientists and are creating the next generation of proactive fitness technology.
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Achieve your fitness goals

  • Nascent can support you in setting your goals, prepare for an event and will adapt based on your ongoing performance and available time.
  • You can monitor and map your performance and we'll let you know if your fitness is decreasing or you may be at risk of injury.

Dan is training for his second half marathon


Nascent monitors Dan's ongoing performance against his desired time


Dan beats his previous half marathon time by 6 minutes